“Some people are going to reject you, simply because you shine too brightly for them, and that’s okay, keep shining.

If you are reading this quote you are probably a very spiritual, sensitive soul and, as such, possess your own “inner light.” You may be on your own spiritual journey and therefore constantly learning and growing in knowledge and becoming comfortable in your own power. In a perfect world everybody you know would be encouraging you and proud of what you are accomplishing. However, in our less than perfect world, this is often not the case as one person or several people around you can become envious of your newfound wisdom and focus in your life and may gradually distance themselves or indeed may attempt to deter you from staying on your spiritual path. Stay focussed and do not allow anybody, no matter who they are, to have the power to dim your precious “light”.

(Inspirational Messages Written by Cathi Bew, AQueenofCups.com)