“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

Isn’t it wonderful to have opportunities to be able to create yourself? We arrive brand new, no preconceived perceptions or beliefs, little sponges eager and willing to absorb what life has to offer. Then, what happens? If we’re not careful we get to a stage in life when we realize we’re not sure who we are or where we’re going and feel a need to “find ourself.” Isn’t that sad? Much better to have decided early on what you want from life, what you have to offer, the goals you want to achieve, what gives you most joy, and do your best to attain these. However, I believe it’s never too late to get out there and do what you have to do to make your life the life you want to lead. So, off you go………..

(Inspirational Messages Written by Cathi Bew, AQueenofCups.com)