Daily Inspirational Message for September 21, 2013


Letting go is the lesson. Letting go is always the lesson. Have you ever noticed how much of our agony is all tied up with craving and loss?
– Susan Gordon Lydon

Lately, I’ve been earnestly learning some lessons I thought I learned long ago: that nothing lasts forever, that change is inevitable, and that uncertainty is inescapable, so we might as well make peace with it. Over and over, as soon as I think I’m getting a handle on all of this, the Universe does me the favor of showing me how little I actually do know and understand. I suppose for each one of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, every day is an exercise in letting go, in sinking into what IS and allowing it all to be just what it is without needing to it to be different or to know how it will all work out in the end. The only way I know how to stay sane and happy with this endless uncertainty is to keep relaxing into the moment with trust that not knowing is part of life, and resisting that truth just makes everything much harder than it has to be.