Daily Inspirational Message for October 30, 2013


Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self. – Gabrielle Roth

I often receive emails from people who are struggling with kundalini surges and other uncomfortable symptoms of spiritual awakening. In their suffering, we can see a dramatic example of how resistance – resisting new experiences, pulling back from intense or uncomfortable feelings, fearing the unknown, and generally saying ‘no’ to what life is sending our way – is the root of all suffering. Sadly, some of these people have been stuck for many years in a battle with change, but of course, we all do this in various ways: we resist letting go of old relationships, we stay stuck in jobs that no longer fit, we persist with bad habits that are ruining our health and even destroying our lives. We think the problem is the pain we are feeling, and fail to see that we are keeping ourselves stuck in that pain by resisting it. It’s safe to let go and go with the flow. If you’re in emotional pain, your inner being is calling you to let go of who you used to be and what you used to think and do so that you can be transformed. You can’t heal and resist change at the same time, for change is at the very heart of the healing process.