Daily Inspirational Message for October 29, 2013


The Impeccable Warrior lives in a conscious state and truly feels and accepts that they are sacred beings on a sacred journey, assisted by a living, breathing compassionate Wisdom that whole-heartedly respects and honors them.
– Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

In order to receive signs, messages and guidance from Spirit, we must not only believe it is possible, we must also know deep down inside that we are worthy of that help and support, whether we’re trying to find a way to pay for a life-saving medical treatment, searching for true love, or simply wanting to manifest more fun and joy in our lives. This does not mean viewing ourselves as somehow more special than anyone else; it means believing that all life journeys are sacred and all beings are blessed with the ability to pray for and receive help and guidance. If others can ask for signs, amazing breakthroughs, magick and miracles – and receive them – then you can too. The more you live in awareness that at any moment and in any situation, you can request divine intervention and receive it, the more that will become your experience.