Daily Inspirational Message for October 23, 2013


Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more.
– Deepak Chopra

Like many people, I tend to think that I don’t really have time to meditate because I have so much to do on a physical level: endless work tasks to complete, emails to answer, laundry to fold, groceries to purchase, meals to cook, meetings to plan, etc. Fortunately, I have enough experience with meditation to know that regular spiritual practice tends to magically align us with a smooth journey: instead of taking a long, ordinary path through life, when we are tuned in to the Universe, synchronicities often deliver the answers to our prayers in amazing ways, and empower us to take quantum leaps from where we are to where we want to go. It may seem like meditation will just cost us time we don’t have to spare, but given the inner clarity and outer serendipity it fosters, meditation actually saves us time and blesses us in countless other ways.