Daily Inspirational Message for November 9, 2013


The older I get, the more I see there are these crevices in life where things fall in and you just can’t reach them to pull them back out. So you can sit next to them and weep or you can get up and move forward. You have to stop worrying about who’s not here and start worrying about who is.
– Alex Witchel

Lately, I’ve noticed a bit of a theme in my own life and in the lives of others: I’ve seen one relationship after another that was damaged by the behavior of one of the parties that will simply never be the same again. Some of these relationships were really close, beautiful and rewarding connections in the past, but despite both parties sincerely wanting to get back on track and doing their best to restore the bond, it eventually becomes clear that the easy trust that existed before the betrayal is gone forever. I suppose once you know that someone is capable of behaving in ways that have profoundly shocked you, your whole view of who they are is forever changed. In such situations, we can still have a relationship with that person, but to find peace again, we must let go of needing it to feel and be the way it used to be, and try to accept it for what it is now.