Daily Inspirational Message for November 7, 2013


It is really a wonderful world. Celebrate all the wonders and beauty that surround you, and keep that your focus. See all the good that goes on in your world, regardless of what your news and TV would have you believe, or even perhaps what you see out your window. Close your eyes for a moment and feel love. Let that feeling well up within your heart and spread like a warm flow to your entire body, melding and melting your resistance to anything. Bathe in the light of love and know that you can always choose to be in this energy.
– Sharon Taphorn

I recently read a touching article written by a young woman in her early 20s. She wrote about what could have been a really horrible experience, which thanks to the kind acts of a number of strangers, ended up boosting her faith in humanity. She was at an outdoor music festival when she lost her wallet, which had her apartment key attached to it. She checked the lost and found, but it hadn’t turned up. For the next 24 hours, she was blessed with one kind deed after another. A bartender gave her a tall glass of water to quench her thirst. She met a kind, elderly gentleman who bought her a drink and shared his life philosophy with her. When she shyly asked an acquaintance for help, her friend took her in for the night. The next day a construction worker loaned her a ladder and helped her climb through her second story window in order to get back into her apartment. Once there, she was able to plug her dead cell phone in and charge it, at which point she discovered a text message from a young woman who had found her wallet and was eager to return it. Sometimes, we have to be downright desperate for help before we’ll ask for or allow ourselves to receive it, and it’s only then that we realize that the world is full of kind and generous people who are happy to help if simply given a chance.