Daily Inspirational Message for November 5, 2013


When in the throes of indecision over something that matters – changing jobs, buying a car, choosing a doctor — most people believe the best decision will come about if they think it through carefully and thoroughly. But psychologists say that is not always the best approach. Turns out, the unconscious mind can be better at making complicated choices than the conscious mind. The conscious mind can only process about seven bits of information per second, but the unconscious mind can process 11 million! By tapping into that supercomputer part of our mind – which feels, like the deepest, truest, most divine part of ourselves – we open the door to a vast amount of wisdom and we can get spot-on answers to our questions.
– Meg Lundstrom

If we all have a tendency of trying to reason our way through difficult decisions to the point where we are so mired in left-brain thinking that we can no longer hear our intuition, then how do we reconnect with our inner guidance? The key is to alter our state of consciousness through practices like meditation. Of course, meditation can seem like a very vague and mysterious process to master. Fortunately, technology has enabled us to access all sorts of powerful spiritual tools, teachings and techniques. To be quickly and directly guided in accessing your own inner knowing, just give this process a try: Ask Your Intuition.