Daily Inspirational Message for November 29, 2013


A messenger can only deliver a message to someone who is a vibrational match to the message. So don’t wear yourself out, saying things to people who can’t hear you.
– Abraham-Hicks

While spiritual awakening comes with all sorts of lovely blessings, it does carry some challenges. I think one of the greatest is remembering that everyone is just where they need to be and doing whatever they need to be doing in order to learn whatever they personally need to learn. When we find an answer for ourselves – some truth or teaching that sets our hearts free from suffering, that brightens our outlook on life and buoys us with wonderful feelings – we naturally want to share what we’ve learned with the people around us, especially if they are stuck in limiting beliefs and experiences we have suffered through in the past. When we do share our answers, however, we often end up disappointed and frustrated when those amazing insights aren’t embraced and immediately put to good use. Some of us even believe that we have a duty to try to rescue others, but of course, each one of us must walk our own path in our own time and way. Often, the kindest, sanest thing we can do is humbly and quietly stand in our own truth, keep shining bright with joy and well-being, and smile on everyone with trust that whatever they’re thinking, feeling, doing and experiencing is perfect for them at this time.