Daily Inspirational Message for January 31, 2014

spiritualteachers“In Buddhism, it is said that when the student is ready, the master appears. When I first read this, I thought it meant that once you are ready to begin your spiritual journey, a master (a guru, a Christ-like figure, an angel, etc.) would come out of nowhere and start to teach you what you need to learn to advance spiritually or even physically. What I’ve come to find out, however, is that we are surrounded by those who can teach us about ourselves and about the world in deep ways. We simply have to shift our perception and see people for who they really are. The boyfriend who seemed to cheat on you and break your heart was actually the master who taught you about non-attachment and self-love. The mother who abandoned you and from whom you never heard again was actually the master who taught you about responsibility and dedication. The best friend who spread your deepest secrets to your enemies was the master who taught you about being honest and totally accepting of your history. That shift in perception is the process of the student becoming ready. That student discovers that she had been surrounded by masters all along.” – the soul jump