Daily Inspirational Message for January 28, 2014


There is special JOY (Just Open Yourself) in canceling plans. Canceling plans can sometimes be the most self-relieving, nurturing thing you can do for yourself.
– Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK)

Have you ever had a commitment to do something with someone but you just didn’t feel up to it, found the courage to cancel, and learned that the other person was feeling the same as you and was actually relieved? I have had this experience many times and laughed to think that we both may have pushed ourselves to do something neither one of us really wanted to do. If you’re not feeling up to following through on a commitment – if it doesn’t feel right to you or something important has come up or you just need a bit of quiet time – love yourself by speaking up. If you don’t abuse the privilege, the people who really care about you will understand, and they may even be relieved to have a break in their own busy schedules.