Daily Inspirational Message for January 24, 2014

feelinggoodMy best advice to any young person is to write down the top ten things you want in a partner, and then become that person.
– Kriss Hakala

The traits we find most attractive in other people are usually the very traits we most want to further develop in ourselves. For most people, these are traits like confidence; the self-respect to take care of their body by eating right and exercising; the intelligence and self-love to be successful in whatever they’ve chosen to do; the moral fiber to be honest and ethical; a positive, joyful attitude. Of course, you’ll have your own list of traits that you personally find attractive. If you’re looking for love, then you know what you must do: further develop those qualities in yourself! You don’t have to wait for destiny to deliver true love to you; you have only to become the sort of person you would readily fall head over heels in love with to attract all sorts of wonderful admirers.