Daily Inspirational Message for January 20, 2014


In this moment, you don’t need all the answers. They will come to you in time, or not, or maybe the unnecessary questions will fall away.
– Jeff Foster

Not every problem has to be solved this very moment; in fact, many of them don’t have to be solved at all. I love realizing that there are all sorts of dilemmas that stressed me out in the past that I never solved or figured out, that are no longer issues for me today. Sometimes, the fastest way to get over a daunting hurdle is to simply go around it. We don’t have to run faster, jump higher, or win the race. We can opt out. We can leave the track for an open field of flowers, kick our shoes off, take a delicious nap, wake up, wander off in a new direction, and get so caught up in living a beautiful life that eventually, those hurdles are so far behind us that we can’t even see them anymore.