Daily Inspirational Message for June 25, 2013


Don’t take yourself too seriously. The more willing you are to make fun of your problems, the greater the likelihood is that you will actually solve them. If you’re blithe and breezy and buoyant, you will be less of a magnet for suffering.
– Rob Brezsny

Sometimes, I crack myself up with how serious and important I can feel my problems to be. I don’t think they’re important, mind you: I know enough about the world to know that a website server going down for an hour is not a true crisis, that an angry email from someone who is having a bad day is nothing to cry over, that a moody teenager is not only nothing to freak out about, but is perfectly normal and to be expected. Despite knowing all of this, given the way I sometimes FEEL about these so-called problems, you’d think I was living in a refugee camp, struggling to find food and water for thousands of desperate souls. If someone’s life or safety is at risk – then we have good reason to take things seriously; the rest is just the ordinary stuff of everyday life. If we’re wise, we’ll deal with whatever comes up effectively but in a cheerful, relaxed, and good-natured way, aware that these are not so much problems as opportunities to practice staying positive by keeping things in perspective.