Daily Inspirational Message for June 1, 2013

deepconvoYou have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Friedrich Nietzsche

While I love to talk about spiritual experiences, I see no point whatsoever in debating spiritual beliefs, for who can say anything for sure about life’s greatest mysteries? All any of us can do is share the theories we’ve developed based on what we’ve personally experienced and learned in our own lives. Since every person’s journey is unique, it just makes sense that no two people would have the exact same beliefs, so trying to convince others to see things as we see them is a waste of time and definitely not worth the strife it tends to stir up. I actually think it’s beautiful and exciting that everyone sees things differently: it makes life much more interesting, and it means we may actually be able to learn something new by sharing our journeys with each other.