Daily Inspirational Message for July 31, 2013


Pray more, worry less.

How do you feel? Are you shining bright with positive energy, or are you endlessly worrying about things not working out as you think they must work out in order for you to be okay and happy? Worrying just ties us up in energetic knots and keeps us from doing anything constructive; it’s an endless loop of negativity and disempowerment that can send us into a downward spiral and leave us feeling stressed out, exhausted, and hopeless. As Carlos Castaneda famous wrote, we can make ourselves miserable or make ourselves happy – the amount of work is the same. Whenever we find ourselves worrying about something, we have only to flip a switch and begin to visualize what we desire with positive thoughts and energy to shift onto an upward spiral of feeling better and better, which will naturally empower us to create more of what we want in life.