Daily Inspirational Message for July 30, 2013


What really matters in life is rarely on my to-do list.

Every morning, I wake up with a long to-do list stamped on the forefront of my mind. At the same time, however, my inner wisdom is whispering to me that what I really want is to deeply enjoy my life, not just get a lot of stuff done that won’t matter five years from now. Our daily tasks and concerns are constantly fading away to be replaced by new ones and newer ones after that. In the long run, how much stuff we got done won’t really matter; what will matter is how much love and joy we’ve managed to cultivate for ourselves and others. While I still keep a running to-do list on paper, I’ve moved it out of my head and decided to keep my number one priority simple: to enjoy my life/feel great/be kind and loving. So far, it’s working out way better than when I thought all the stuff I had to get done was of paramount importance.