Daily Inspirational Message for February 7, 2014


If giving leaves you feeling empty, you’re giving too much to the wrong person.

Periodically, I think we’re all wise to stop and ask ourselves who is most loving and devoted to us: who is always there for us, who always has the time for us, who actively reaches out to us in love and friendship, who we can really count on – and then ask ourselves if those are the people we focus our own time, energy, love and other resources on. Many of us unconsciously pursue people who are ‘hard to get’ in some way, which may lead to us to make some regrettable choices. If you keep chasing someone by pouring way more love and attention on them than they return, someone who loves you is probably getting shortchanged. For happy relationships in the future, reclaim some of that misspent energy so you can invest it more wisely.