Daily Inspirational Message for December 30, 2013


Forgiveness will set you free. Forgiveness is the great elixir of all time. In every spiritual tradition, it is taught as one of the most transformative powers of change and healing. Forgiveness is a vibrational frequency that allows us to shift out of patterns of shame, guilt, hatred, and anger. It even gives us pause to love better and, ultimately, live better. To practice forgiveness, we must begin to allow the possibility of letting go of what does not serve us. Letting go is the key. In Hebrew, the word ‘forgiveness’ means to literally drop it – to drop whatever burdens we are carrying sets us free.
– Jenai Lane

Law of Attraction experts teach us that one of the greatest blocks to manifesting all we desire in our lives is a lack of forgiveness. If we are holding back from forgiving ourselves or others, we are holding ourselves back from manifesting all that we desire in all areas of our lives. One of the most powerful things we can do to align with a higher level of experience is to heal and release any pain and anger we are carrying from the past. Our Heal Your Pain Through Forgiveness process will guide you in releasing old pain so you can set yourself free to manifest greater peace, love, joy and prosperity in your life. You begin by forgiving yourself for something you did that may have hurt someone else, and once you’re in a forgiving state of mind and heart, you move on to forgiving someone who caused you pain in the past. Forgiving can be some of the hardest spiritual work we ever do, but if we approach it on a soul level, it can seem much easier.