Daily Inspirational Message for December 23, 2013


What would your life look like if you acknowledged the truth that working nonstop for 10 hours, taking care of other people, leaves you so spent and weary that there really isn’t much left of you for your kids, let alone yourself? What would your life look like if you realized that you need to set aside time every day to fill yourself up — even if it’s only by taking a few 15-minute breaks during which you stare at nothing or go outside or lie down? What would the pace of your life be if you went on ‘soul time’ instead of clock time, even just a little?
– Geneen Roth

I just spent an evening talking with some amazing women about our lives and what we are hoping to create in the future. One after another, we shared how we are tired of doing nothing but working, of endlessly answering emails and texts and trying to just keep up with the mundane tasks of daily life. We long to do more of what’s really important, what makes us come alive, what truly nourishes and inspires us. I believe this is not only possible, but something our very souls are urging us to do: we’re all being called to find the will and courage to create a fulfilling life for ourselves instead of letting the outside world dictate how we spend our days. What’s the worst that could happen if you put your own health, joy and well-being first? Maybe the worst thing that could happen would really be the best. If it frees you from frittering away your days on ultimately meaningless chores, then maybe losing whatever you might lose by choosing to nourish your soul is really the best thing that could happen to you.