Daily Inspirational Message for December 21, 2013


You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.
– Terence McKenna

It’s no wonder so many people are anxious and depressed these days, for a life that leaves no time for spiritual practice will naturally suffer a lack of peace and well-being. We aren’t meant to be endlessly busy working, playing or even being passively entertained. As we are body, heart, mind and spirit, a good chunk of each day’s waking hours are needed to nourish our spirits by dialoguing with the Universe, contemplating deep questions, and communing with the divine. If you’re unhappy, lost, or merely bored, make more room in your life for Spirit. The more you reach out for guidance and support, the more Spirit will help you find your way.