Daily Inspirational Message for December 13, 2013


Don’t mire up in self-despair of your losses, learn from them and move on to other good things in life. Don’t stop allowing the sunshine in because of the fear that winter will come and engulf the warmth. Hold it close to you to help you through those cold winter days.
– Belinda Taylor

There is a long winter ahead of us here, and though I’ve gotten better at enjoying it over the years, I still sometimes find myself dreading the cold, dark months ahead. When I catch myself staring sadly at the sun outside, longing to hold on to it, I realize that it’s pretty silly to squander the happiness available to me in the now by worrying about potentially darker days in the future. When I realize I’m dreading some inevitable unpleasantness, I try to remember that it is winter that makes summer so delicious; it is endings that enable new beginnings; it is cloudy days that make sunny ones feel so good.