Daily Inspirational Message for December 1, 2013


Half the time you think you’re thinking, you’re actually listening.
– Terence McKenna

Do you ever wonder where some of the great ideas that pop into your mind come from? We all do a lot of problem-solving every day. Whenever we ask ourselves how to get from where we are to where we want to be in our lives, we essentially ask the Universe for inspiration. If we are feeling stressed out, upset or anxious when we do this, we tend to get locked in very limited, rational thinking, and find it impossible to move forward. If instead, we engage in this process from a peaceful, relaxed, and trusting state of being, we vibrationally align with a higher level of guidance and can immediately tap into ideas full of the power and magic we need to transform our lives. If you’re feeling stuck, do whatever you have to do to feel really good; when you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, the solutions you’re looking for will come to you seemingly out of the blue.