Daily Inspirational Quote July 1 2014

30onionshreksonion“Our mind is like an onion, and each day and month of practice progressively peels away the layers of delusion.”
– Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey

This is how meditation leads to psychic development: it clears away all the mental chatter that is drowning out the subtle energies ever whispering in the background. It allows us to deal with the mundane worries and emotions ever chirping away inside of us, waiting for us to pay attention. When we stop and listen to them and process them, their job is done, and they just drift away. Eventually we run out of trivial issues, old wounds, subconscious drives and desires, etc., and then we can go deeper. Through meditation, we escape from the endless profane chatter of the mind, and begin to discover the profound poetry of silence.