Aries: Orange Calcite
This month may bring about major changes that take you more than a minute to process. Pay attention to the feelings that come bubbling to the surface, and work with this crystal to release any stuck energy in your solar plexus chakra, the seat of your personal power. Observe where your boundaries are tested and allow Orange Calcite to keep you in a positive state of mind.

Taurus: Moonstone
Your crystal ally, Moonstone, will guide you in making the most out of every opportunity under this supermoon to release issues around creating stability, resilience and abundance. Work with Moonstone to turn up the volume on your intuition and know when to cast a wider net to reach your goals.

Gemini: Lepidolite
You may feel all over the spectrum this month, and it’s not always your fault. Some people just know how to push your buttons. Your reactions to life will set the tone for how well you manifest and swim in harmony with your cosmic flow this month, Gemini. Meditate with Lepidolite to tap into Divine understanding on the matters that trouble you, so you can release control over the situation and allow the Universe to create resolution.

Cancer: Leopardskin Jasper
Feeling like you are blowing in the wind, dependent on the actions of others? Take back your power. Pretend you have a cosmic remote control and hit the pause button. Leopardskin Jasper will help you review your part in the movie and create an alternate ending. Work with this crystal to re-write your course and open to new adventures.

Leo: Kyanite
When life feels like crazy town, Kyanite can step in and be the grounding vibe needed to bring you back into Divine alignment. Disconnect from the world around you and hold Kyanite in your hands as an angelic beacon of support. The team of Archangels will joyfully swoop in and help bring solutions, calm and manifesting power.

Virgo: Emerald
Virgo, your selfless service and humility can open many prosperous doors for you now. Your crystal ally, Emerald, will be riding shotgun helping you capitalize on new opportunities to grow your income and create a lucrative business. So what do you want to do? How far do you want to go? Nothing can stop you once you realize you don’t need to compromise.

Libra: Pink Calcite
Looking to restore more love + harmony to your relationships? Place Pink Calcite on your desk at work, in your family room or wherever you need to spread sweetness and have people forgive and open their heart chakras. You can also call in Archangel Raphael to surround your intent with emotional healing to anchor in the good vibes you’re conjuring.

Scorpio: Blue Lace Agate
Need help knowing the right time to speak, or how to spin your message so that it’s received appropriately? Sometimes the truth can sting, Scorpio, but this month you can work on better delivery so that it’s delivered with tact and compassion. Blue Lace Agate will help you heal any throat chakra issues so that your message is truly heard and all parties are mindful in their communications.

Sagittarius: Golden Tiger’s Eye
Feeling exhausted trying to keep up with the Joneses? Not feeling like you totally measure up? Stop making life a competition, Sagittarius. There’s enough abundance to go around and you deserve your own piece of the pie. Tiger’s Eye will help you stay in your own lane, focused on your own talents and skills, so you knock it out of the park each and every time.

Capricorn: Turquoise
It’s time to tap into your own creative brilliance, Capricorn. Your cosmic boardroom of Divine helpers are waiting for your directive. Work with Turquoise this month to assist you in creating a portal of angelic guidance to map out your next steps. Keep Turquoise nearby when you whip out your pendulum, toss the tarot cards or engage in some automatic writing to witness Spirit speaking through you and to you.

Aquarius: Fluorite
Flashes of genius are nothing new to you, Aquarius. You are tapped into Flow and ready to rock it every time. However, this month, you may feel a deluge of great ideas and topics coming at you. Fluorite will act as your Divine virtual assistant to help keep it all organized and on track. Call on your gemstone VA to keep your mind focused on the task at hand, able to crank it all out in a cohesive manner.

Pisces: Black Obsidian
Pisces, you can feel like two fish swimming in different directions, this month in your attempt to get it all done. When life throws so much at you that you feel like it’s a juggling act to keep your sanity, call in the energy of Black Obsidian to ground you back down to reality and keep you focused on one thing at a time. Like your pal, Aquarius, you have no time for scattered thinking. You got great things to accomplish. Let Black Obsidian tune out the static that’s keeping you from realizing your goals.

Crystal Sparkles!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at