Citrus Partnership with Gemini

Gemini315X278by Dominique Jones

One of the most reliable methods to align ourselves with a high spiritual vibration is through the energy of appreciation. Nature’s treasures sustain us and surround us daily, providing a deep and grounding energy, and if we meditate on their beauty, we find our hearts and spirits expanding in expressive and fulfilling ways.

One of the ways to grow during our journeys is to recognize the relationship between astrology and nourishment. You will find a correlation between a sign and a food in this article and methods you can use to attune your energy.

Gemini is the first mutable sign in the zodiac, introducing us to the archetype of Mercury. Mercury moves and Gemini travels through a variety of experiences. Gemini’s have emerged from a chrysalis of experience, so they should get ready to SYNTHESIZE.

When we incarnate, we condense the energy of the vast soul into human form. In “the Seat of the Soul,” Gary Zukav calls this condensed form our personality. The experience of negotiating how to express our infinite soul while in finite human form is activated through Gemini energy in our astrology chart.

It’s the particular spiritual craft of Gemini, whose symbol is the twins, to learn to link their personality expression to their soul expression. For Gemini, it’s essential to discipline the mind for things to develop an easy alignment. Otherwise, they act on the minute level—like an electron that is constantly in motion until you measure or observe it—and then it could appear at any point in space in a variety of forms.

Sometime, a Gemini can see for themselves that they are working on aligning their soul to their personality when one chaotic situation after another arises. Astrologically, in the past, this has been labeled a “lack of concentration” or “changeable.” It has been recommended that Geminis need “variety.” However, if you look deeply enough, this is actually a link into infinity.

Imagine being a funnel between infinity and human form; imagine the intimate awareness of the spaciousness of that. It is difficult to spend hours doing your taxes when you feel you could play with the gel of all creation. That’s one reason writing and communicating is so much more interesting than other tasks where Gemini rests in one’s astrology chart. Gemini can be creative and be a conduit with ease and interest.

There is also a healthy detachment when Gemini has reached their social zenith. We sometimes define detachment as not caring, but the positive definition of detachment is the ability to be in relationship to others with compassion and loving kindness and help others transform without taking on their suffering. Gemini, when awakened, can remain in the present moment and help others without becoming over-involved. That is extremely helpful service in the world.

If you are interested in bringing forth more Gemini energy in your life, you can use two methods. The first method is through nourishment and the second method is through a guided meditation. If you combine the two, you have even more manifestation energy.

You can manifest Gemini energy if you want to increase your ability in any or all of the following areas of your life:

  • Communication (especially writing and speaking)
  • Memory / Mental Acuity
  • Protection / Healing From Accidents (Especially Auto Accidents)
  • Awakening the Nervous System
  • Networks / Electronics
  • Travel (especially local or within one country)
  • Improving coordination (especially in the hands or in the respiratory system)
  • Reasoning /Logic
  • Social skills
  • Psychic abilities

Method 1: Nourishment

For many reasons, the citrus fruits are the foods of Gemini. Gemini rules our siblings and friends, and traditionally citrus fruits have been the source of ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, for us. Humans are one of the few species that cannot produce their own Vitamin C, and we are dependent on fresh fruits and vegetables in order to survive. Throughout our evolution, these have been our friends, or brothers/sisters, who have evolved alongside us.

In our time, our widespread story is to view plants as somehow inferior to us, but I believe they are our friends and companions. This is a much healthier story than the one we are told to believe, where humans conquer and dominate and pave the planet, and I invite you to believe it, too. After all, without plants—we would not survive.

The reason we know this dates back to Europe and Asia in the 1600s when sailors experienced the scurvy epidemic after not eating fresh fruits and vegetables for weeks on end. People didn’t know what the cause was for a long time, but when they figured it out, it was our link to fresh fruits and vegetables that had been sustaining us all along. Lemons became quite important as they could be kept for a long time at cool temperatures on the sea trips as a source of Vitamin C.

Citrus fruits grow like nodes on their trees and networks, which have nodes at their end-points, are one of the things associated most with the sign of Gemini. When you look at a computer network diagram and you look at a citrus tree, you can see the visual similarity.

Then, not only are there nodes on trees, but wedges within the nodes of the fruit! Citrus really know how to teach us how to diagram.

There is also an energetic similarity, however. There is a freshness that bursts forth from Gemini energy that also bursts forth from citrus fruit. Geminis love variety, too, and citrus is used in a variety of ways. Not only for cooking, but for cosmetics and cleaning products.

Citrus can be included in your diet by directly peeling and eating an orange. One of the easiest ways to enjoy lemon and lime (also orange) in your diet is to just slice it and place slices into water. It enlivens your water. Grapefruit cut in half has been a breakfast staple for ages.

Making breads with the zest and juice of fresh oranges and lemons is achingly delicious. Lemonade and Limeade are best when HOMEade, unless you are assured the ingredients are chemical-free.

On the savory-side, our Thanksgiving turkey is generally a plethora of citrus slices and fresh herbs placed under the skin and then roasted. This can be applied to any type of chicken dish, too, and with aplomb!

There are so many things a cook can do with citrus it is probably endless. I urge you to enjoy exploring citrus at least 4 times a week. Any Gemini would!

Method 2: Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is full of images and thoughts that are very grounding. You can use the following guided meditation in a few ways. The first is to read it silently, slowly to yourself, letting the images wash over your imagination. The second is to visit online and listen to my recordings and let yourself take a few minutes during your day for yourself, close your eyes, and be led in a mediation that is nourishing and deeply refreshing.

Lemon Gemini Guided Meditation

Imagine choosing a palm-sized lemon from a pretty bowl on the table on a late Spring afternoon. You are hosting a small gathering of your favorite friends in your back yard, and you’re standing in your kitchen getting drinks. Feel how the lemon fits so well in the center of your hand as you carry it to the counter. Now, roll the lemon back and forth on the counter to release its juice even more when you cut it open.

Cut the lemon in the center, and then cut a thin slice to place in a glass of cold water. Inhale the relaxing and rejuvenating scent of lemon. Somehow, it awakens you and yet helps you breathe from the deepest place in your belly at the same time. Take a sip of the lemon water and enjoy it.

Cut the remainder of the lemon into slices and add one to each glass of cold water that you take out to serve your friends. Give each friend a smile and a friendly word as you provide them lemon water. Then return inside for a few quiet minutes for reflection.

Take a moment to appreciate the rich feeling of having a whole bowl of lemons on the table today. In the past, they have not been always been so plentiful, so we’re very lucky in our times to have the sense that lemons are abundant and simply there for the taking.

Think about where this lemon in your lemon water came from.

Before it gets delivered to your door in your weekly farm box, this lemon was one node in a carefully packed box of lemons. Lemons are delicate to ship—they need plenty of fresh air and just the right temperature. Sometimes when they are shipped, each lemon is individually wrapped.

Before they were shipped, however, the lemons were picked, and lemon trees have sharp spikes on them, so the people who picked them have to wear gloves and cover their entire bodies while they pick them.

Before they were picked, they had to be grown. Lemon trees take about five years to produce fruit, and unless they are in a Mediterranean climate, the trees only produce their little lemon nodes once per year.

So the lemon you just sliced up had a long journey to meet you, just like you had a long journey to meet this little golden fruit. Take another sip and realize how the lemon flavor has grown stronger in the water. Appreciate it and enjoy it.

The lemons you meet have many potential destinies after they leave the tree. They might be juiced to keep apples or lettuce fresh. Their zest might be used in cranberry oatmeal bread. They might be used to bake a Thanksgiving turkey. They might find their home in an old fashioned lemonade stand.

The lemon might be combined with baking soda to be used as a cleaner, or used around the house to freshen the environment.

It might be mixed with honey in a tea or used as part of a healing concoction or a shampoo or a cosmetic.

How many ways can you think of to honor a lemon? They are friends to us on so many, many levels.

Think of the many levels that you are a friend to the world, too. There are many ways, large and small, that you transform the world. Just like a lemon tree, it takes us a while to grow into ourselves, and then we are out in the world, a little node of golden sunshine spreading joy and hope. We can take a cue from the lemon and be a fresh and versatile presence everywhere we go.

Spend a few moments reaching out to inquire with your heart about your many potential actions from this point forward. Know that you effortlessly choose only the actions that serve love and friendship. Awaken from this meditation refreshed and ready to interface with the world.

Dominique Jones is an internationally known astrologer, psychic, and writer. She is the author of the upcoming book “Nourishing Astrology,” a compendium of correlations between astrological elements and foods, along with recipes for manifesting astrological energies. As a professional metaphysical consultant at Kajama, you can visit her for readings and more at