Can You Feel the Cosmic Energy?

Can You Feel the Cosmic Energy?, by Anne Jirsch

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Every day of your life you are aware of energy. Energy is in those moments when you think of someone and feel a warm glow, or you walk into a room and feel bad vibes, or how color can create stress, or a piece of music can make you cry or want to dance.

The truth is that we are all made up of cosmic energy. Everything you see, smell, taste, and touch is made up of energy. The chair you are sitting in, the magazine you are holding, your thoughts and feelings; these items are all pure energy. Even where there appears to be nothing, like empty space, there is energy. Everything in the universe and beyond is made up of chi—energy, the universal force. Luckily we can access this knowledge and use cosmic energy in all areas of our lives.

I have been working with future life progression for many years. This is a technique whereby I go into a trance and move forward in time to view the future. It is the flip side of regression. I take my clients forward for them to see where they will be and what they will be doing in years to come, even in their next lifetime. I began to wonder what our future selves knew that would be useful for us to know. Mankind faces many challenges and we as individuals need guidance with our own lives.

For two years I took trips into the future to find out what we know in the next century. Time and time again the same answer came back: our future selves are more aware of cosmic energy. They know how to utilize energy in many different ways. They are aware of the subtle nature of energy and the difference a small change can make.

For twenty years I have also worked with past life regression; I am constantly amazed at how aware our ancient selves were. They understood energy, they flowed with the seasons. They knew how to use energy to their benefit. It came naturally to them.

During this time I discovered techniques and ideas, then came back and tried them out in my workshops. In short, they worked.

Our current, so-called civilized selves have forgotten how to use this energy. We think that we are clever using our mobile phones and emails, yet our past and future selves often used telepathy. We have made great medical advances, but we once knew how to use our own energy to heal ourselves. We work hard, but once knew how to attract everything we needed. We have forgotten so much.

Once you understand that cosmic energy really exists, that it’s all around you, and impacts your every day life, you can connect with its flow easily and naturally. When you know how to connect with this cosmic energy you can work with it to bring into your life whatever you need, be it love money or good health.

Once you accept the notion of cosmic energy anything is possible. It becomes natural to send telepathic messages and to travel astrally. It becomes easy to feel in advance if a place or person is good for you. You become aware of yourself as a soul, a being of energy that has existed in some form or other throughout time. You become aware of your own unique purpose your reason for being.

As a being of energy it becomes natural that you can move through time and space; you understand your connection to everything and everyone. This is where the fun begins. You become aware of all the love and abundance in the world, making it easier to flow to you. You can raise your love vibration attracting wonderful people into your life including your soul mate. You can shine at interviews or parties. When your cosmic energy is flowing, you get the job, people are drawn to you, and life becomes easier.

The problem is that many people are vibrating at a low frequency. Each and every day we are bombarded with negativity from the news and the people around us. Our past experiences and ancestral history can also produce a poor flow of energy.

Let me give you an example. Imagine having a relationship, and after six months it ends unexpectedly and abruptly. At that time, your personal cosmic energy will drop and you will be vibrating on a lower frequency as you feel sadness, hurt, and rejection.

Now, because your vibration is quite low, what will you attract? Other people vibrating at a lower frequency. And so as you meet a new partner or friend you are dismayed when they do not treat you well, and your vibration drops even further. You begin the downward spiral. This is when we hit a bad patch and wonder, "Why does this always happen to me?"

The same can happen with work; once we have had a bad experience such as a back-stabbing colleague or a bullying boss, our energy will drop. Guess what? We will continue to attract more of the same.

Luckily, my jaunts into the future taught me many techniques to raise our vibration, which not only allows us to attract great things into our lives butt also make us feel great.

Our future selves are more aware of what is good for them; they feel the subtle vibrations. They use telepathy and astral travel to connect with others. They use a combination of color, sound, and smell to produce a powerful synergistic effect and, with millions of different combinations, they can produce virtually any effect they wish.

During my visits I discovered how they use their own etheric energy to tap into people and discover just what they are thinking and feeling. They can even leave a little of their etheric energy behind them; this is useful in many situations (at, say, an interview when you want to leave a lasting impression). From this I developed my own Etheric Energy Technique.

In this busy world it is easy to lose track of what is important and to lose our connection with cosmic energy. We get waylaid with gadgets and toys and television shows, yet the real magic is all around us every moment of every day. And this energy is just waiting for you to tap into it, to improve all areas of your life.

You are a wonderful, powerful being of energy and you are meant to be connected to the universal cosmic force; the more you connect the better life will become.

I believe the energy crisis on earth is actually a symbol of the energy crisis people have within themselves. But as we become aware of our own energy the situation will resolve. As we begin to create a wonderful energy within and around ourselves and others, the earth will receive our vibration and this will help the world to become a better place.

Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010. All rights reserved.