Amazing Story Contest for the Week of September 23, 2013

[title size=”2″]Manifesting Our New Home[/title]

by Gloria

As happy as we were in our home, my husband and I thought that perhaps, while the kids were still young, we should consider moving. Our wish list was long. We wanted to make sure that the house we purchased was in the same school district, backed onto green space, had a nice size lot, had a large dining room, had a walkout basement, and was on a quiet street.

Our real estate agent had a frank discussion with us about how unlikely we were to find what we were looking for, for our wish list had us narrowed down to about three streets, and of those three streets, only half of them backed onto green space. Little did he know that of those three streets and of half those houses – I only wanted one.

There was one particular house at the end of the court. My son’s friend lived on that street, and I would drop off my son and drive by the house. I loved the location and exterior; I thought about that particular house all the time.

Another house on this same street went up for sale. I wasn’t a fan of the backyard, and I wasn’t a fan of where it was situated, but the layout was perfect. Since the chance that the house I wanted would go up for sale was slim to none, we put in an offer. Instantly, this just did not feel right. I kept telling myself that if the house down the street was listed, I would kick myself. My husband and I both got a bad feeling about it, and backed out of the offer.

Believe it or not, the next thing you know, the house I wanted was listed! It had the exact same layout as the house we had put an offer on, but the backyard was bigger and we loved the location. The kids’ bedrooms were painted in colors that already matched their little personalities and their bedding!

Here’s the craziest part: the owners had had no intention of moving. They had just happened to stumble upon a different house and put in a conditional offer. They thought if it wasn’t accepted, that would be fine, for they would just stay put since they were very happy in their home. The offer was accepted, however, which is how their house came to be listed at just the right time for us. We bought the home, and are all so happy here.

So was it through visualization and positive thoughts and feelings that we got the home? Or was it just a series of coincidences? I believe we used the law of attraction to manifest our home.

  • We set an intention that we wanted to move.
  • We embraced the home we were living in at the time, cleared cluttered, painted and took steps under the assumption that we would move, before we even found a home.
  • We knew what we wanted.
  • We visualized and believed we could have it.

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