Amazing Story Contest for the Week of November 18, 2013

[title size=”2″]First Law of Attraction Miracle[/title]

by Swati

The most amazing incident just happened to me this morning. I am so overwhelmed at its positivity that it still hasn’t sunk in. I haven’t felt this excited in years. I firmly believe that due to a higher power, I was directed to find Kajama, and since then, I have totally loved reading all the wisdom it has to offer, and have come to believe in the law of attraction.

I am an abstract artist based in London. I’m getting my professional degree in fine arts and sculpture. Recently, Kajama (Kajama’s editor) did me a kindness in exchange for which she simply asked that I pass the kindness on to someone else. I then promised myself that the first commissioned painting in my career would be for a good cause.

Simultaneously, I was instructed by my academy to get myself a commission for one of the projects. Since I am new in this country, I have practically no contacts, and I was finding it very difficult to find sponsors. Also, I was very much longing to be able to find a good cause so I could pay forward the kindness shown to me. I started making random calls to charitable institutions and Googling people involved with charity, but to my dismay, I got no positive replies from anyone.

Last night before falling asleep, I was thinking of all this, and remembering what I had read about the law of attraction at Kajama, so I just made an honest, humble wish and prayer: Please let me do some good through my art. It didn’t take the Universe long to answer my request!

This morning on my way to the tube station, I bumped into an old man on the bus. Because of the jerky ride, I fell onto his hand, and asked him to pardon me. He very politely smiled back, and so did I. Once I reached the station, there were two trains waiting to depart. I boarded a train, and to my surprise, that same gentleman was sitting right next to me! I again asked for forgiveness for the mishap on the bus, and he pleasantly started a conversation. I have never spoken to strangers before, so I don’t know what got into me that had me talking to him. As soon as he said that his wife is an artist, however, I started telling him how I was an artist too, and how after years of just doing it as a hobby, I now seriously wished to pursue it as a career. I then told him my wish to start with a bang with some good charitable cause.

I told him about the Cygnet hospital that works for people with psychological and emotional problems including addictions in my area, and how I wished I could do something to help in the process of healing through my art. To my surprise, he replied, It’s great you’re meeting me then, Swati, for I am the managing director there! This was completely jaw-dropping for me, for it only took me a moment to realize that he was the very man I had Googled the night before.

I confessed to him that I had Googled him, and expressed how strange it was to be meeting him the next day, and he replied, Well, this was the very first time in 20 years that I had been on a bus! You were destined to meet me, Swati! I was almost swept off my feet!

We spoke during the whole train journey and I gave him my phone number. Later in the afternoon while I was at work at the national gallery of art, I suddenly just left everything I was doing right in the middle, and got up to send him a text expressing my gratitude. I instantly received a reply text from him in which he wrote, Our texts crossed, too!

This incident has left me overwhelmed with positivity and a firm belief in the law of attraction, even though I’m still having a hard time believing it all happened. The one lesson I’ll remember forever from this experience is the truth that we actually have the power to attract what we’re needing. Thanks to this incident, I know that I’ll be a changed girl for the rest of my life!

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