Amazing Story Contest for the Week of March 31, 2014

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RB-9296-Winter-Ghostby Yvonne Snyder

I recently sent a story about Violet Roses which was published. This is a follow up story about messages from beyond.

Last year was a very difficult year with the death of my stepson,  a wonderful man who lived with Down Syndrome and who had a gift of connecting with people that most of us will never know. In addition, I lost my husband, the love of my life.

One day I decided to go for a drive in the country to take some things to a thrift store in another city. It was a beautiful sunny, wintry day, the kind of day that my husband and I would have gone adventuring. Not far from home I saw a beautiful hawk fly into a tree and I said “Hi Mike.” My stepson, had always had an affinity with native people and called himself Hawk. Then I pondered – I wonder what form my husband would take.

I proceeded on my journey, enthralled with the beauty of the day. As I approached a little country church surrounded by large pine trees, I noticed that someone was blowing snow with a tractor. Suddenly right in front of me, a stunning, brilliant Snowy White Owl flew out of the trees. I had only ever seen one of these creatures in my life but I knew what it was.

I had my answer to the question I had asked earlier. For you see, my husband had been a United Church minister and who else could it be coming out of the tree by that little country “United” church. My tears flowed as I felt the synchronicity of that moment.

When I got home I happened to be reading the newspaper and there was an article about Snowy Owls and how unusual it is for them to be so far south.

Several weeks passed and I was preparing myself for Total Knee Replacement surgery. The night before my surgery I had dinner with my children and their families. My son, his wife and daughter were driving me afterward to another city where my surgery would take place and I had booked a hotel room for the night.

As we were maneuvering the cloverleaf to get on our highway, suddenly a gorgeous Snowy White Owl appeared and hovered over our car. We were all amazed. Coincidence? I think not. I know it was my husband telling me he was with me on my journey to surgery.

The surgery was a success and I am recovering well. But I continue to read stories about or see pictures of Snowy Owls when I least expect it. I still feel a terrible loss however it brings me comfort to know that there is still a oneness with all that is in this world around me.

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