Amazing Story Contest for the Week of January 27, 2014

whitefeather[title size=”2″]Finding White Feathers[/title]

by Andrea

I was playing with my cat, who was lying upside-down, almost curled around his scratching post in a playful manner. Because he is a fluffly, orange and white long-haired creature, I am forever picking up tufts of hair from the floor, the countertops, and the sides of his post. Earlier today, when I reached onto the post to remove what I though was a small white piece of his fur, I saw that in actuality, it was a tiny white feather no bigger than the size of my fingertip. How a feather got there and why it was the first place my eye was drawn to today is relevant to me, because over the past year as my spirituality and connection to the Universe has grown deeper, I’ve begun to find these Angel reminders everywhere.

For example, a year ago, prior to having major surgery, I took a walk on a beach that was set up for sunbathers with about 50-plus chairs stacked in four or five rows. Despite all of those chairs, the beach was pretty empty mid week. I was hoping the beach walk would calm my nerves about the ordeal ahead of me, and give me strength to face the procedure. Halfway through the walk, on sudden impulse, I headed through the third or fourth row of chairs and chose one to sit down and think in.

As I took off my flip flops and placed them under the front of the chair, what did I find? A large white feather sticking right up at me. Knowing that this can be a sign from the Angels, I got up and started looking around and under the many chairs stacked in my row and the one ahead of me for feathers, but there were none: there was only a white feather under the chair I chose to sit in, and it was standing right up as though to get my attention.

From that moment and on through to today, I have been blessed to find white feathers in both the most common and the oddest places you can imagine on a regular basis. When I do, I smile, bow my head in gratitude, and feel Angel love surrounding me.

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