Amazing Story Contest for the Week of January 13, 2014

[title size=”2″]Birthday Message from Departed Parents[/title]

birthdaygreetingby Rose

My mother and father, Mary and Frank, were wonderful people. They died within three days of each other after over 50 years of marriage. Their funeral was a lot like a wedding. Many friends and family who loved them celebrated their lives. I was the baby of four daughters. I miss my mom and dad very much, and was thinking of them on my birthday (12/13/13/) on my way home from work.

The song Thankful was playing on the radio when I was politely cut in front of by a car with a license plate that read ROSARY1. Naturally, I looked closer, because at first glance, I thought it said ROSEMARY, which is my given name. This was partly for my mom, Mary, who was a devout Catholic.

That’s when I saw, below the plate, a bumper sticker that read: I would rather be Praying at ST. FRANCIS XAVIER shrine in New Orleans. Francis was my dad’s given name, so on this car that moved in front of me on my birthday as I was missing my parents was my father’s name, Francis, and what at first glance appeared to be my name (Rosemary) and my mother’s name (Mary). I immediately had the feeling that this was both of them, sending me birthday wishes, and I was much comforted by that thought!

Don’t ever think your loved ones are gone, for they are always with you.

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