Amazing Story Contest for the Week of February 3, 2014

prayingforothers[title size=”2″]Guidance from Guardian Angels[/title] by Jolee

For the past six months or so, I have been staying with my mother and sister because the family member I had been living with died. During these months, there has been so much that has changed about myself. One change that I am especially grateful for is my deepening faith in Spirit.

I think the reason I wanted to explore my spiritual beliefs is because of the struggles and challenges I have been facing, one of them being the disconnected relationship I have with my son, and some legal issues between me and his father. I have tried a few meditations from Kajama as well as asking my spirit guide/guardian angel for insights, strength and guidance, particularly on how I can move foward and create more peace and love in my life.

One day when I was in my room, thinking about which path to take or which decision is the most suited for me, I sat and thought for a minute. Maybe the reason for these roadblocks is deeper than the physical level. I then began to sit and pray. I prayed to Spirit and all my lovely angels, and asked them if they could help me discover any limitations or wrong beliefs I might be holding onto that were holding me back. When I was praying, I began to cry. It was very intense, and the sensation I experienced physically was overwhelming. I then thanked God and blessed my family.

After, I walked over to my dresser to do my hair and get dressed, and on my dresser was my phone, which was displaying a music playlist that belongs to a music broadcasting site. I pressed play, and the first song that started playing was The Woods by Daughter.

The first line of the song played: I thank Christopher, and find my sister… Christopher is my son’s father’s name. Also, though I didn’t realize it then, my sister was hurting, and seeking love and support. I then began to cry because I realized what was holding me back was a past hurt and emotional scarring that involved my son’s father. This empowered me to discover what I needed to do: forgive Christopher and focus on my sister’s emotional needs more.

The last message from my angels was: We are looking out for you, we pray love for you. I then just knew that through everything that happens, my guardian angels are by my side teaching me, protecting me, and loving me.

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