Amazing Story Contest for the Week of December 30, 2013

bulldog[title size=”2″]Message from Spirit of Beloved Bulldog[/title]

by Patricia

I was blessed to have my American Bulldog Domino in my life for two short years before she unexpectedly passed away during a seizure. This dog was like a child to my boyfriend and me. She even came on vacations with us. We had a special bond, and I always felt so safe with her around.

Then shortly after she turned two, she suddenly started having violent epileptic episodes. We tried all the medications we could and nothing controlled them. When she passed away, the entire family mourned her.

After a few months, my boyfriend bought me a new puppy. I didn’t want it, for I felt I was betraying Domino by replacing her so quickly. I always sang her the song Lola by The Kinks, and even sang it quietly when we buried her.

On the drive back home from picking up the new puppy, I was consumed by guilt. I quietly prayed, hoping Domino would hear me that I still loved her and would always miss her. As soon as I was done praying, the song Lola came on the radio. I was in disbelief and knew she had heard me.

My feelings of guilt quickly disappeared, and I picked up the puppy and gave her a kiss. I know now that the best way to honor her memory is by loving the new pup as much as we did her.

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