Amazing Story Contest for the Week of June 24, 2013

[title size=”2″]Communicating with Departed Son Brings Comfort[/title]

by Holly

I lost my youngest child – my baby boy – in May of 2010. He was just 20 years old. This started in me a deep need to communicate with him. I’d like to tell you about a couple such communications.

First, one day I was sitting quietly by the river, talking to him. I asked him to tell me something about one of his friends that I could not possibly know. Though I can’t explain why, I began to think of his friend Jessie. I met her briefly once while dropping him off for a visit, but I didn’t really know her. When I asked him this question, I saw three separate pictures of her in my head. In the first, she was standing up on her bed, screaming at the sight of a spider. This changed quickly to a scene of my son looking in her refrigerator and laughing. The third vision was of her smoking a cigar with him.

While many people are scared of spiders, the other two impressions were fairly random. I called her to confirm what I had seen. First I asked her what she thought of spiders. She started laughing and said she had a severe phobia of them. I asked her about my son and her refrigerator. She again laughed and said that every time he came to visit, he made fun of her; she lived with two girls and there was only moldy old take-out and beer in the fridge. He would tease her and laugh about how it looked like a man’s dorm fridge. Lastly, I asked her what she thought of cigars. Again she laughed and said that every time my son came over, they would go outside and smoke a cigar by the river. She asked me how I knew about that, as she only did that with him.

Another time after my son died, I was sitting in a chair, overcome with grief. Next to me were a box of Power Thought cards, which are affirmation cards written by Louise Hay. I asked him aloud, If I could pull one of these cards that would say to me what you want to tell me right now, please direct me to it. I relaxed, took a deep breath, and pulled a card. It simply said, I am safe, it is only change. I still keep that card next to his picture to this day.

Lately I have not had as much luck contacting him, but those early conversations with him brought me great comfort. I love knowing he is still with me, and that it’s possible to communicate with him.

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