9 Lemons in a Bowl

by Amy Seward

No matter what day of the year, you will always find a bowl filled with exactly nine lemons in the center of my kitchen island. It is a labor of love to keep this bowl filled to this exact number, knowing the happiness which fills my soul with just a quick glance at them, because I know that they are doing so much for me physically, mentally and emotionally.

So why lemons and why exactly nine? In Feng Shui, lemons are believed to help clear away bad karma and their bright yellow color is a symbol of optimism and happiness. Also in Feng Shui, the number nine is considered to be the luckiest as it represents wealth, accomplishment, and attaining personal goals. So I say, why wouldn’t I want to welcome these wonderful attributes into my home with this gift from nature? I love the pop of color they bring to my home and they have actually become part of the décor. It does help that I happen to have a large lemon tree in my backyard and from December to April in Arizona, lemons are available in abundance.

Of course, lemons are a great source of nutrition as well. A natural antioxidant and great source of vitamin c lemons have been known to detoxify the body and clear away negative energies to bring balance to your health and your soul creating a positive environment. Cut into a lemon and it’s sour tartness fills the air. The oils on your fingertips linger for hours with a hint fresh citrus which is so uplifting. The juice is great ingredient in cooking or baking and has the ability to change up a dish with a quick squeeze of this sunshine juice. Adding lemon juice to your favorite beverage can create a brand new way to enjoy it.

Lemons are my favorite fruit and this goes back to my childhood when my older siblings would all eat lemons with salt on them. One day my brother Dennis decided he should share this odd treat with the baby (yep, me). I still eat lemons this way, it is a bit odd, but all my siblings grew to love lemons this way and I have passed this culinary treat down to my son as well, maybe it is in our genes?

No matter my mood, lemons have always bring me joy from their bright yellow color and amazing smell. Just a quick glance at my lemon bowl and it focuses my attention on all of the positive things in my life and I feel a sense of gratitude. For me, harvesting the lemons from my tree is a chance for me to connect with nature and get some sunshine on my head as I carefully pick and choose the new set of nine lemons for the bowl on a weekly basis. I do keep other lemons handy for consuming and I replace, when needed, the number needed to keep the bowl filled with my bright yellow lemons always holding an exact number of nine.

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