11 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose Through Your Intuition

11 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose Through Your Intuition, by Kris Franken

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Your purpose is so much more than your career or job; it's the way you are in the world, your natural state of being. The way you feel called to do certain types of work, collaborate with particular individuals, serve humanity, and inspire those around you is all an intuitive part of who you that you can access anytime.

Here are 11 ways to intuitively discover the purpose written in the light of your Soul.

  1. Follow Your Joy
    Your Soul has come into your body in this life with a natural inclination for joy. Bliss is your natural state; when you follow what lifts your vibration into the realms of bliss and joy, you can be sure that you are listening to the pull of your purpose.Your purpose and career aren't meant to be draining or demanding; they're intended to be uplifting and fulfilling. And although there will be periods that challenge you along the way, when you're feeling satisfyingly deep joy from service and sharing your gifts, you know that you've been trusting the divine process and following your heart.
  2. Listen to Love
    If you're not sure of your talents and gifts, listen to love. Love is the voice of your intuition that is aligned with the highest expression of your Soul. Love will show you how you best serve, help, create, transform, collaborate, and inspire.How do you love others? Perhaps it's through a long hug, kind words, compassionate energy, a watercolour painting, cooking a scrumptious meal, writing a poem, or practical, everyday ways. The way you love others is a reflection of how you serve the world and it matters. The world needs you to make mindful waves with an open and generous heart.
  3. Sit in Stillness
    The blueprint that's etched into the fabric of your Soul cannot be felt or heard if you're rushing, hustling, or busy all the time. Make time for stillness. Create space for the wise whispers of your heart to guide you each day.This purposeful blueprint is a continuation of all your incarnations; you have been building on your talents for lifetimes! Your intuition has so much to share with you, but it doesn't use words, so it can't compete with the chaos of a cluttered mind. In stillness, you'll feel the knowing that's always present, always loving, always nudging you toward greatness.
  4. Expect Miracles
    Miracles are unexpected consequences of living aligned with the flow of your own lifeforce. Your breath and interconnected spirit are connected to the One Spirit, and as you feel this and allow it to guide your life intuitively, miracles will happen at every turn.Your purpose will unfold miraculously if you give up judgments and expectations around what it should look like or what you think you must be doing. The more you hold onto specific desires that leave no room for the fullest expression of your highest purpose, the smaller the field you have to play in.
    Miracles yearn for space. Let go of your pre-planned life and open up to all that is meant for you. Let life surprise and delight you.
  5. Learn How You Help
    Consider for a moment what your gift is to your community. What do others ask you for? How do you help others in a way that feels relatively easy, humbly fulfilling, and energetically abundant? The way you help others is a portal to knowing your purpose on a deep level.We all have natural gifts—our own sweet medicine—that feel genuine and freely available. These gifts have been curated and crafted by our Souls over many, many lifetimes to help others—and us—into the highest version of ourselves.
  6. Show Up
    Knowing about your gifts is a blessing for you, showing up and putting them to good use is a blessing for humanity. The love, joy, peace, and service in our being will multiply when we give it to others unconditionally.Showing up isn't about hustling or marketing yourself in any way that feels uncomfortable or misaligned. It's about being available to intuitively serve in any way the Divine calls on you through those in your grassroots and/or online communities. The more you love and heal yourself, the more you surrender to the wise intuition within you, and the more you trust in the path of your Soul, the more joyfully available you will be to all those who need you.

    Each time you show up, expect an energy exchange that speaks of abundance in all areas of your life. Believe that you will always be taken care of, financially and otherwise, for that's exactly what the cosmos wishes for you, too.

  7. Dance with Life
    If you're working relentlessly, expecting your diligence to provide you with an abundance of rewards, you're more likely to become burnt out than richly satisfied. While you absolutely need to show up, you also need to rest up. Have a dance break, take a trip to the markets, catch up with friends, tend to your garden, and otherwise surrender deeply enough to receive fully from the universe.If you're giving all the time, there's no space to receive. Time away from your computer or workspace will also amplify your creativity and provides the ultimate opening for insight—new and aligned inspiration—to find you.
  8. Revel in Your Uniqueness
    There is no one else on earth with the same harmonious fusion of talents, gifts, wisdom, karma, and medicine. There is literally no one in the history of humankind who's got what you've got. Revel in your own kind of magic. Explore and express it, love and care for it. Learn to be inspired by others without following them on their path.This journey you're here to traverse is exclusively yours. Your uniqueness is what draws people to you. Bring your quirks to life in every way that your heart and Soul desire.
  9. Expect Challenges
    The challenges you hold within yourself that have not been healed and released will show up in your life externally until you heal them. If you are dealing with self-judgment, you will feel the judgments of others until you make peace with yourself. If you feel unworthy, you will attract others who magnify this unworthy state of being until you feel completely worthy of all the abundance in the world.Welcome the challenges in your life as a gift for you to grow, heal trauma and karma, find yourself, and come home to the greatest version of you.
  10. Learn to Pivot
    There are no mistakes or failure in discovering your purpose, only pivots. We all need to pivot when we come across an unexpected roadblock, be it the fallen branch of "failure," heavy clouds of confusion, or the prickly discomfort of someone else’s judgment or opinion.Roadblocks are not a sign you did something "wrong;" they are simply the universe's way of escorting you onto another path that is more aligned with your Soul. Learn to pivot in faith and grace onto a new way. Bless the blocks, embrace the ruins, hold your chin up, look to the stars, and begin again.
  11. Trust the Process
    Without trust you may find it difficult to move forward. When self-doubt sneaks into your mind, come back to your heart. Your heart knows and loves all. Through your heartspace you have access to the eternal wisdom of your Soul and Highest Self.Trust that your Highest Self will always have your best interests at heart and that you can count on this expansive part of you to guide you toward the most exciting and blissful path. With deeper trust, your intuition will be clearer to recognize.

You hold the keys to your future and the gold of your gifts. Go within and trust what you intuitively feel to be the next step for you.

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Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal. Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020. All rights reserved.