What Types of Questions Can One Ask the Tarot?

article-1-tarot-croppedby Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

The answer is, just about anything! Once you have formed a repoire with your cards, you will discover that they are able to address most any question you can come up with.

One evening, soon after I first began learning the Tarot, I was at a friend’s house, where I had just finished a reading for her. As I was putting away my cards, she asked me if I would like a piece of birthday cake from a recent celebration. I hesitated, citing my diet and stating that I really “shouldn’t.” She laughed and said, “Why don’t you ask the cards?”

I shuffled the cards and performed the “Yes or No” reading featured in my book “Tarot Predictions and Divination.” I pulled these five cards:

Eight of Cups (Indulgence)
Three of Cups (Celebration, i.e., the birthday cake)
Seven of Swords (Stealing away from my diet)
Nine of Rods (Indicating I should stay strong in my commitments)
The Tower (I would feel poorly if I ate the cake, as it would undermine my efforts)

With three “no” cards and two “yes” cards appearing in the layout, I saw that the Tarot cards were warning me not to partake. My friend called out from the kitchen where she was cutting the cake to see if the cards would allow me a piece. I replied, “Apparently not!”

I took the cards’ advice, and we had a good laugh over it.

Another friend, who was quite skeptical about my newly forming skill, finally agreed to let me read the Tarot for her. She was so taken with the process and answers that, a week later, she asked me to read for her again. Two weeks after that, she requested another reading. As I laid out the cards, she stopped me. “How is it that each time we do a reading, the same cards show up?” I replied, “Because you keep asking me the same question!”

I learned early on not to keep asking the same question over and over. After a few times, just as people would do, the cards would become frustrated with me and refuse to answer, or finally say, no, that isn’t going to happen! Once you get the answer to your question, it is best to trust in what the cards have to say. If you do not like the answer, reshuffling and asking again will not change the outcome or the message the Tarot has for you.

Although you do not want to become overly dependent on the Tarot, running to it with every decision you face during the course of a day, it is always fun to test out your less serious questions and see what the cards have to reveal!

Remember that each Tarot card can have multiple meanings, depending on the type of question you are asking. My book “Tarot Predictions and Divination” contains multiple appendixes of the different categories and meanings each Tarot Card can represent.

Susyn Blair-Hunt is internationally known for her psychic tarot and astrology readings. A professional metaphysical consultant for over twenty years, Susyn was recently named one of the top psychic astrologers on the Internet. For daily horoscopes, personal readings, and more information on Susyn’s book “Tarot Prediction and Divination” a complete guide to the Tarot, visit her website at www.SusynBlairHunt.com.