Three Tips That Make Manifesting Money Easier

money150by Jana Morena

Many of us make money into something big and huge in our lives, but we have forgotten that actually money is a very new invention compared to the age of humanity. One of the main problems many have when manifesting money is that they are coming from a survival mode when they try to manifest it. While this isn’t wrong or bad, there is a faster way to come into alignment with it; you just have to know what works best for you.

Some people can focus on having money and POOF! It comes flowing into their life experience. Others need to focus on their work or a project and not focus on the money. The more they really enjoy and love their work, the more money comes flowing to them.

Here are three tips that make manifesting money easier:

1) Focus on who you are becoming in the creation instead of the creation itself. If you have ever heard the phrase, It’s the journey, not the destination, then this is exactly what this first tip is talking about. When focusing on money, many of us automatically go into survival mode and feel fear. In this vibrational Universe, when we feel fear and hold that space for a period of time, we create more fear in that particular area of our lives. However, if we switch our focus to who we are becoming, how we are growing internally via knowledge, skills, experience and so on, now our focus is on growth and the feeling of expansion. And the more we focus on this and hold this space for just a little while, the more evidence we see of it manifesting in our financial affairs.

Another thing you can do is ask yourself, Who would I be if I had a successful business that earned X amount of dollars every month? Or you can ask, What would be different about the energy that I carry if I was earning X amount of dollars or had a successful business? Whatever your answer is, take it and embody it. And remember: the joy is in the discovering of ourselves.

2) Relax. No matter where you are financially now, this too shall pass. Oftentimes we create unneeded stress for ourselves when we look at our bills, debt and then our paycheck. But if we see it as it is, then all we see is paper with numbers on it. Find a way to relax about where you are on your financial journey. There are so many stories of people who were millions of dollars in debt and found their way out of it in a few short years. You can do the same. They made peace with where they were financially, and didn’t avoid it.

As with any perceived problem in life, we have to be willing to look at it, see it fully and embrace it. Then the problem will begin shifting on its own. Not only is this tip one of the three keys to alignment, but it is the one where people have the most trouble. They make where they are financially mean something about them. I am a failure. I have to figure this out. I can’t believe this is happening. How can I solve this? What am I supposed to do? This doesn’t help anything.

Do what you can to RELAX into wherever you are financially. Meditate more, go for a walk in nature every day, find a way to ease that stress about where you are. Focus on your work, your kids, find a complimentary massage online and go get one. Read a book, paint, swim, play or anything that will help you relax into it.

Our financial situation can sometimes be like a hot bath. We try to get in but can’t because it is too hot. When we relax, ease into it slowly and give it a little time, we can completely submerge ourselves comfortably.

3) Tune and tap into solutions if you are facing a problem, instead of only focusing on the problem. After we look at our financial situation, see it as it is and don’t make it mean anything about us, then we can gracefully and easily align with solutions to our perceived problems and manifest those instead. Oftentimes we forget that we can’t have a problem without at least two solutions to the problem. All we need to do is align with the solutions instead.

So what would it feel like to have all your financial problems solved? Many people say relaxed and happy, or that they would feel a sense of achievement or success or excitement, to name a few. Do something every day to feel this way for at least 10 minutes. This is how we align with solutions to problems. The problem shows up, and we are so busy looking at the problem that we forget that solutions are available if we make ourselves available for the solutions. So match the vibration of having already manifested a solution and watch problem-solving ideas, situations and people come racing in.

In summary, with any manifestation, be willing to give it time, especially if you have been facing the same issue for the past decade or longer. Don’t give yourself a deadline if it is going to stress you out. Manifesting something is like clothing; sometimes we have to grow into it first. For example, if five years ago, someone told me to start an online magazine, I would have said no in a heartbeat because it was too big for me. Nowadays, I have grown into this manifestation, and am enjoying my new threads. 🙂

Jana Moreno is an author, speaker, trainer, radio host, and owner of Wisdom Ink Magazine online. Jana supports people in creating and experiencing fulfilling careers, loving relationships, boundless energy and health, financial mastery, joy, love and abundance. Jana gives talks and trainings in Malaysia, and gives sessions to people from all around the world including the United States, Vietnam, Brunei and Canada. She has been participating in this work since 2006, and provides workshops, retreats and group circles. For more of her inspiring writing, visit Wisdom Ink Magazine. To connect with Jana, check out her Facebook page and Twitter.