Restore, Rejuvenate and Transform During the Spring Equinox

springequinoxby Kala Ambrose

The spring equinox, also known as the first day of spring, arrives each year between March 20 and March 21. That’s not a moment too soon for me, as it’s been a long cold winter and I’m ready for a change in the weather. From a spiritual perspective, the spring equinox marks a seasonal cycle of rebirth, where the seeds planted in the fall, (a quiet period of self-introspection and reflection), blossom into creative and colorful displays.

As Mother Nature works her magic, there are tremendous boosts of natural energy presented to us during the spring and fall equinox and the summer and winter solstices. The energy lasts for three days; the day before, equinox or solstice day, and the day after. When we understand this transformational energy which bursts forth in the spring, we can use it as a motivator in order to create great change in our lives.

There is an old teaching I like to share with my students which says, “We cannot fully understand what we have not experienced.” In order to transform, we must first consider what we have learned through our past experiences. This allows us to turn the information into wisdom, and enhance who we are and who we wish to become.

Through our life experiences, we develop the wisdom to answer such questions, and learn to grow from them. By doing this, we honor the people and experiences who have impacted us in our lives. In honoring these things, they become sacred and of great personal value. It is with this knowledge that we can change our future. This occurs by first focusing our attention on what we truly desire to manifest. Then we must then actively create the right atmosphere and attitude to bring the desire to fruition.

During the spring equinox, we can create new beginnings. We are given the opportunity, just as we see in nature, to bloom and begin again. This is one example of the greatest gifts we were given here on earth, which is the abundant, creative and transforming energy found in nature.

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