Numerological Forecast for February 2017

February 2016 Numerological Forecast

Happy February!
Cupid shoots his arrow in the direction of your relationship sector!

February is a 2 month and the spotlight will be on relationships and affairs of the heart. With Cupid pointing his arrow at the health of our relationships this month, we drink out of the love fountain and allow ourselves to be intoxicated by the opportunities to grow in self-love and to strengthen the partnerships and relationships with others in our personal orbit.

So, take the time to nurture your personal relationships but don’t become a doormat in the process. If you want to create more sizzle in the bedroom or you’re looking at partnering up with someone to launch a business opportunity, this would be your ideal time to do that.

Especially on Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th. That 1 + 4 break down to a 5, on an 8 universal day, encouraging us to take chances, say yes to a new adventure and step into our power to ask for whatever our heart desires, with no apologies or need for explanation.

Why? Because February is ultimately a 3 universal month, making it a super social month to infuse more play time into our lives. So, if you’ve been burning the midnight oil and not making enough time to have some fun, this month gives you permission to socialize with friends, go away for the weekend, be creative and bring more laughter in your daily life.

Over the next 30 days the cosmic mood lightens and you’ll be urged to express yourself much more easily through new conversations or through a redecoration or home improvement project. Finances need a boost? If you’ve been busy hustling for new gigs and clients, the Universe may be working feverishly to deliver the blessings of improved prosperity to your doorstep.

Need help coming out of a funk?

One major perk of riding the 3 numeric wave this month is that it will shower you with opportunities to laugh and shake off the doldrums. This month your Angels will help you set your GPS navigation system for fun, light and casual experiences. Watch for signs that Archangel Jophiel is ready to ride shotgun with you and teach you how to keep your thoughts optimistic and focused on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Throat chakra shame begone!

If a relationship has been going south, February’s 3 numeric vibration can offer you an opportunity to talk things out honestly and really listen to what the other person is saying. Cleanse away the throat chakra shame and speak your truth. Don’t hold back.

Single? It’s a really great month to socialize and put yourself out there but keep it light and playful. Trust me, go out there and have fun – your smile and positive vibe will be contagious!

Has a friendship, family member or other relationship been put on the back burner? Show it some TLC! Surround yourself with people that make you laugh and that inspire you to be more creative and light hearted. Grab a couple of your BFFs and hit a comedy club or karaoke bar. Need to move some pent up energy out of your body? Carve out a night to go out dancing and let your inner child come out and play!

Communication will be huge this month.

Ask yourself:
Are you speaking your truth?
Are you asking for what you need to be happier in all areas of your life?
How are you expressing your creative fire?
Where do you need to socialize and reconnect with your tribe?
How does your load need to be lightened?
It may be time to turn back the clock and explore ways to bring back child like wonder and passion to your projects and ultimately, your life.