gettinggroundedby Angela Thompson

Grounding gives us a strong connection with Mother Earth and makes us feel safe and secure. As Empaths, we are extremely intuitive and we spend much of our time in the world of spirit quite naturally. Some would say that our heads are always in the clouds, and if we are truthful, this is where we feel most comfortable. As we spend so much time in the higher realms, our higher chakras open quite naturally; we do literally have one foot in heaven and the other on Earth. However, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and as such we need to have an energetic connection from the physical body into the centre of the earth.

Staying grounded is something that I used to find extremely difficult as an Empath, and still do to a certain extent; I still have to work at it every day. Whilst writing my book, I had to stop intermittently to do things like housework or exercise to bring myself back to planet Earth. I found myself getting so engrossed in the subject matter that I was too much in my head and was drawing in too much spiritual energy. To clear it, I had to do something physical.

Grounding is imperative because when the aura has a solid connection with Mother Earth, we feel calmer and more confident; our intuition is clearer; and our self-esteem is better. Grounding also brings us into balance and allows the energy to flow freely around our bodies, which in turn strengthens our aura.

Have you ever noticed that you can have days when every light switch you touch blows the light bulb? This is a sure indication that you are ungrounded because the physical body is quite electrical and needs grounding to function properly. I also know when I am not grounded because I start to feel anxious and I experience feelings of dizziness and sickness or I become very light-headed. Cold feet, suffering from repeated colds, heart palpitations, weight gain, forgetfulness or receiving static shocks can also be indicators that we are not grounded properly.

As Empaths, we are constantly absorbing the energy around us, and grounding is a way of removing the excessive energy and toxicity from our spiritual and physical bodies. When we ground, we are releasing stress and unwanted energy into Mother Earth (the ultimate Empath), where it is transmuted. During the grounding process, we release the toxic energy and then we draw back up the healing and cleansing Earth Energy.

There are lots of reasons why we can lose our connection with Earth, but things like shock, exhaustion, fear, guilt, and traumatic life events can cause us to lose our grounding. If you are finding the grounding process very difficult, don’t worry: just continue with the visualisation exercise and repeat it several times a day if necessary.

I bought myself a very heavy Hematite bracelet, as this stone is excellent for grounding and protection, but I found that I could only wear it for short periods of time initially because it made me feel quite strange. I realise now that my body was just getting used to feeling grounded, as this was such an unusual state for me to be in. I wore the bracelet for short periods of time to start with, and built up on this as my body adjusted to its new state. Now I can wear the bracelet all the time as I have gotten used to the grounded state. I am just pointing this out as you may have a similar reaction to the process, but it is nothing to worry about. If you really cannot tolerate the black stones like Onyx and Hematite, try a red stone bracelet like Red Jasper, as the energy is a little softer and may be more suitable for you.

I strongly suggest that Empaths should use several grounding techniques at the same time. I personally use exercise, crystals and visualisations in combination every day to help me stay grounded. Other things that can help include gardening, walks in nature, eating chocolate, yoga, meditation, using Rescue Remedy and drinking lots of water. It is also suggested that eating a large meal containing protein is very grounding. To ground myself instantly, I find it really beneficial to either stamp my feet a few times, do a few star jumps, or walk barefoot around the garden.

The above article was excerpted from the ebook From One Empath to Another with the author’s permission. Angela Thompson is an Empowered Empath, Lightworker, Author of From One Empath to Another and Reiki Master living in East Yorkshire, UK. Her website,, is designed to help Lightworkers and Empaths who are still struggling with this journey called life. Click here to follow her on Twitter today!