Double Vision: Spirit with a Foot Fetish?

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When I'm sleeping in my apartment, I sometimes feel something touching my feet. Then two weeks ago, I felt something next to my bed lean over me and give me a kiss on my cheek. This also happened at my sister's house, so it doesn't seem to be centered in my apartment. I think it's a man, because he got on top of me. I don't see faces or anything, I just feel these things, and I also tell him to go away. What do you make of this? Can spirits and humans interact in romantic or sexual ways? What should I do? My birth date is March 28, 1944.

- Gloria


It is not normal for "ghosts" or "spirits" to have sexual interaction with humans. I have heard of spirits lovingly kissing a forehead or cheek, and I have heard of them tucking people in or tenderly stroking a hand, arm, leg or foot. However, when we get into the realm of sexual activity, we are speaking of another sort of being altogether.

Have you ever heard the terms incubus and succubus? An incubus appears to be a male being that visits human females, and a succubus is a female being that visits male humans. They are negative entities whose aim is to have sexual intercourse with humans.

Stories of these beings go all the way back to the beginning of human history. There are writings from early centuries by priests and nuns that describe encounters with these creatures. Some say they are imaginary; some say they are a result of some paranoid delusion; others say they are real. There are various viewpoints on whether these beings exist and walk among us.

Others might say you are being abducted by aliens. I know this is something you would consider far-fetched, but there have been many stories of "abductees" who tell of sexual intercourse with alien beings.

Whatever you believe and whatever type of being you believe this is, it is still very negative and should not be around you. I strongly advise you to follow the instructions I am about to give you to clear out your space and free yourself from whatever is following you.

I want you to get a sage bundle and light the end and get it flaming. Blow out the flame, but make sure that the end is still in embers and glowing. Walk around every room of your house, including the closets, shower stalls, etc. Let the sage smoke filter into every corner. Literally walk the perimeter of each room so that each wall and corner gets hit with the smoke.

When your whole house has been saged, it's time to go to work on you. Get in your most comfortable place, be it your bed, a favorite chair or wherever you feel most comfortable. Once you get settled in, take 10 very deep cleansing breaths. Breathe in for four counts, hold it for four counts, and exhale for four counts. Focus on your breathing and feel yourself come back into balance. Then I want you to repeat the following prayer:

"God, please expel and protect me from any being that is not of love and light. Thank you." Then you will be free from this experience.

I wish you peace-full sleep.



There are hundreds of stories about men and women interacting sexually with discarnate entities.

Most of these stories involve a succubus, which is female, but there are many that refer to an incubus, which is male. In those tales, they come to the person to drain their sexual energy. I'm very glad that this is NOT what is happening with you!

The creature "haunting" YOU is a big, fluffy, grey tabby cat! I see him CLEARLY around you. He rubs against your legs when you're awake too, even though you're not aware of it.

He tells me that his name is Yuri, and he loves you SO MUCH. I suppose he could have been your pet in this lifetime, but I believe that he was a pet in a former incarnation. This was somewhere in Russia between 1830 and 1875.

Everywhere you went, Yuri was with you. He came to live with you when you were about ten years old and stayed until he died, which was around the time you married. He has been waiting for you in heaven ever since.

About a year ago, he just couldn't stand being away from you anymore, so he got special permission to come to Earth to be near you in this incarnation. You were EVERYTHING to him and you rescued him from a very horrible death by drowning. He remembers all of this, and now he's trying to keep you company in THIS Incarnation. You're very lucky to have such a devoted friend.

You were inseparable in that past incarnation, but he wasn't able to come into a body in this one to be physically present with you. He tried many times, but was never able to enter as the soul of a new kitten. Partly that was because he never felt there was a new kitten being born here that was "GOOD ENOUGH" for him to be.

You see, in that former life he was very fat, very spoiled, and VERY smart, and none of the kittens around you in this life have appealed to him in the least. He does rub around on your feet at night, and he does give you little kitten kisses, and he ABSOLUTELY gets on top of you! In life, he weighed about 25 pounds; he was a VERY large and lovely cat.

He's been leaving you little tufts of fur, so if you look around for that, you'll find it in the most unexpected places. I hope that he's not BOTHERING you, for that would upset him no end!

As soon as you acknowledge him, he'll let you sleep better at night. Just say, "Dobro Gata" (Sweet Kitty), and he'll lie down beside you and go to sleep.

How wonderful to have the love of a pet span almost 200 years!