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psychic-advice-july-7Are Dream Encounters with Departed Friend Real or Imagined?

I used to dream of a dear male friend who passed away many years ago. I always talk to him, knowing he is there in spirit. Even now when I think of him, I see his kind smile and get a warm feeling. Are these dreams real? I feel I have a special connection with him. Before he died, I dreamed of spirits trying to awaken me all the time and talk to me. I did not like this. After he passed away, I had a dream of him coming and taking all the spirits away into what looked like a portal. I feel as if he is always there for me. Are these dreams real or my imagination?


I can assure you that the dreams and visions you are having of your friend are real. You are blessed that he can visit you so often. Based on your description of him taking away all the spirits who were bothering you, it sounds like he has assigned himself to the position of your special spirit guide and protector.

The fact that you have had previous dreams of spirits trying to wake you up and talk with you verifies that you are sensitive to perceiving entities. Long before your friend came to you, it seems other spirits were also seeking you out. This is common when a spirit discovers a sensitive person who may be able to help them communicate with this realm. Once they know they can be seen or heard, they will invite others. Even though you did not know these spirits in life, they were attracted to you because they sensed you would be able to perceive them.

Your friend’s spirit is always around you. I am certain that he sends you other signs of his presence as well. The more you pay attention to them, the more you will notice certain songs, sounds, smells or comments that other people make that bring him instantly to your mind.

Many of our beloved spirit guides and guardian angels will make their presence known during our dreams, for this is a time when we’re at peace and free from the distractions of the outside world. Though you do not mention any specific details about the dreams you have of him, you should start to pay close attention to them and record them, for these dreams may carry important messages he is trying to send to you. I recommend keeping a regular journal of the dreams to see if what occurs in them actually plays out in real life.

Although you know you will never see your friend again on the earth plane, you can rest assured that the connection between you two is strong enough to transcend the space between the earth and the spirit world, for loving bonds are soul-based and thus unaffected by physical death.

If you do not want to wait for your friend’s visits through dreams, you can invite him to a conversation via a guided meditation. Simply gather together a few white candles and some sage incense along with any objects or photos that remind you of him. Light the candles and incense and then focus your attention on him. You can talk out loud or talk with him silently in your mind. You can also trust that the responses you hear in your mind are directly from him.

Be sure to thank him for visiting and protecting you, and remind him what a blessing it is to have a friend who can defy time and space to connect with you in spirit form.


While I respect and understand your skepticism, I have to assure you that it’s not only possible for spirits to visit us in dreams, it’s actually one of the easiest ways for them to interact with us. This makes the sort of experiences you describe very common.

Just last night I was blessed with a number of dream visits from my departed father. In those dreams, I was excited to see him because I knew he had died and I hadn’t had a visit from him in quite some time. When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to spend more time with him, so I kept hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock and going back into the dream.

Each time I did this, we would find each other again in a setting similar, but not identical, to the place we had met in the last dream. It was as if we had to wander around a bit to relocate each other. We had deep conversations about how he finds me when I’m dreaming and whether or not I could set out to find him too. He made it clear to me that it was much easier for him to find and visit me than for me the do the same.

Although I woke up full of wonder at how involved and in- depth our conversations had been in these dreams, I still questioned if they were real. While I was still half asleep, I heard the sound of a phantom doorbell, which is the sound of a doorbell ringing that almost sounds physically real but not quite. I took this as a sign of confirmation from my father that these were indeed real visits.

I’ve explained all of this to illustrate a point: One rule of thumb for determining if a dream about a departed loved one is a real visit is whether you are aware in the dream that this person is dead. When we have dreams about spirits as and somehow know or acknowledge that they are not alive in this dimension anymore, we can be pretty sure we’re receiving a visit from them. You didn’t tell us much about what happened in the dreams, but you did mention that you knew that he was there in spirit. I therefore think it’s safe to assume that he has really been visiting you.

As for how and why this is happening, given your prior experiences with spirits, it sounds as if you are something of a natural medium. When spirits recognize someone who may be able to perceive them, they tend to gather around. I bet if you were to choose to develop your spiritual gifts, you would soon be able to communicate with spirits in a conscious, purposeful manner.

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