Double Vision: House Harboring Negative Energy?

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I think that my house is harboring negative energy. I have lived here for nearly a year, and on numerous occasions, I have felt intense negativity. It wasn't like a ghost, but similar. When we moved in, there was already a halogen torch lamp in the second bedroom, which we moved to the hallway; interestingly, I have only felt the negativity in this hallway and bedroom. This house has been a home to drug abusers, including an abusive couple who had an autistic child. (This child actually screwed in a number of light switch plates in strange places around the house.) I have lost two roommates since I moved in last February, and under bad but strange terms. I am wondering if the lamp itself could be harboring negative energy, if it is attracting negative energy, or if it's something else in the house itself. Also, what should I do?

- Pink Sapphire


Houses can and do hold energy, as can the land itself. It doesn't have to be the energy of someone who lived there. I once lived in an apartment that had very negative energy. Everyone who lived there started to act very strangely, and had very bad dreams. I lived there for about a year, and it was truly one of the worst years I can remember, so I can relate to what you're going through.

Find a local New Age shop and buy a sage bundle. If there isn't a store nearby, you can find one on the Internet. (Simply type "sage bundle" into a search engine.)

Once you have the sage, say a prayer for protection. You can use the following prayer or choose your own words. "Dear Mother/Father God, I ask that you protect me and everyone living in this house from anything negative. Wrap me in Love and Light. Please remove whatever is NOT of Love and Light in this house. Thank you."

Light the sage and then blow out the flame so the bundle is still smoldering. Then start in one corner of the house and work your way through the ENTIRE house. Do not forget closets, window sills, built-in hutches, etc. You need to simply wave the sage bundle through every room and every wall and every nook and cranny. As you are walking with the sage, you will feel the energy shift numerous times. You may at any time say out loud, "Whatever is not from Love and Light must in God's name leave this place immediately."

If a negative force is present, it HAS to leave if you tell it to in God's name. That is a universal law. Continue through the whole house with the sage. When you are done, put it out in a bowl filled with sand or dirt. Just stick the burning end into the bowl and leave it there. If you desire, you may then take regular table salt and pour it around the outside foundation of the house. If you follow these instructions, your house will be clear of negative energy.

I do not feel that the lamp is harboring any negative energy, but I feel that YOU think it does. Why not just throw that lamp away? New torch lamps aren't expensive, and are easy to find. If you put it out on your curb, someone will come along and take it away. I feel if you get rid of the lamp, you'll fee more comfortable in your house.

I wish you a peaceful, happy home!



The negative energy in your house is not from a lamp; it's from the low vibration the drug addicts brought into it while they lived there. Druggie energy is like anger, resentment and bitterness; it's very draining.

There is a very simple spell for dispelling negative energy in a hallway. On a small table place a basket of skeins of yarn. They don't HAVE to be handspun, but if you can, spin a bit yourself. Spinning is a magical activity, and if we were women living a hundred years ago, we would NOT be sitting at the computer. We would be SPINNING, because every spare moment was spent spinning to clothe ourselves and our families.

It's easy to make a drop spindle from an inexpensive three-inch wooden "wheel." They usually come four to a package for about a dollar at hobby stores. In the hole in the wheel, place a three inch dowel rod and glue it into place. The dowel should stick out an inch from the bottom and two inches from the top of the wheel. Cut a notch into the top of the dowel, and at the bottom, place a small open cup hook into that end.

If there isn't a spinner in your neighborhood, you can still buy loose cleaned lambs' wool at the dance shop in your town. Instructions for spinning yarn are all over the 'net and easy to follow. You will notice while spinning that it is a powerful meditation for "visioning."

It's also easy to spin WITHOUT a spindle or spinning wheel. This is called finger spinning, and if you have a long haired cat, you don't have to leave the house for materials. Place some of the fur together and spin it in one direction with your fingers, adding to it to make a thread. It probably will be knobby and not very attractive, so place this handspun yarn at the bottom of your basket of other yarns. If you don't have time to make a drop spindle (or if you don't have a cooperative cat) you can put a PICTURE of a spinning wheel in your basket and get the same results.

As you spin or place your yarn and picture, repeat three times, "Spindle fly, negativity spin outward and away."

You should feel the release of that negative energy that those druggies left behind in your house dissipate within a few hours as it spins outward into the Void where it can't harm anyone or affect you any longer!