Basic Grounding Exercise

groundingby Angela Thompson

For this exercise, it is best to sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground. You have chakras under your feet, so see them opening up before you do this exercise, and close them lightly afterwards.

1. Start to relax by taking slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth until you feel your muscles relaxing.

2. Imagine that your tailbone at the bottom of your spine becomes like a root of a tree that spreads deep down into the Earth’s Core. (This is your Grounding Cord).

3. See this cord extending from your spine down to the center of the Earth. I also visualise roots coming out of the soles of my feet that also travel down into the Earth’s center.

4. Relax and take a deep breath and hold this position for a few moments.

5. [Imagine all the negative energy you’ve collected as you’ve walked through life gathered at your solar plexus, and send that negative energy]¬†down through these roots to be transmuted by Mother Earth.

6. Finally see fresh, invigorating Earth Energy returning to your body through the Grounding Cord and your roots up through your base chakra and then to the rest of your chakras and body. Visualise the roots again and see them fastened to an imaginary magnet at the centre of the earth. You are now grounded.

7. After I have grounded, I visualise the grounding energies moving up through my chakras from the root chakra and out through my crown chakra high up into the sky. I then see my grounding energy mixing with sparkling white spiritual energy and I bring the two energies back down through my chakras starting at the crown chakra through to the base and then around the rest of my body. This exercise adds balance to the body as you are now holding both grounding and spiritual energies in equal measure.

The above article was excerpted from the ebook From One Empath to Another with the author’s permission.¬†Angela Thompson is an Empowered Empath, Lightworker, Author of From One Empath to Another and Reiki Master living in East Yorkshire, UK. Her website,, is designed to help Lightworkers and Empaths who are still struggling with this journey called life. Click here to follow her on Twitter today!