• Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 20, 2017


    February 20 through February 26, 2017

    We’ve got two astrological events this week that could cause trouble, generating some fairly assertive thoughts and actions. Luckily, these both come over the weekend, so let’s take advantage of the first four days of the week to get important matters settled and complete any jobs that are hanging over our heads. Monday’s Sagittarius Moon is ideal for restoring balance and formulating a detailed plan for the week, while Tuesday and Wednesday’s Capricorn Moon will inspire productiveness and progress. It’s “game over” by Thursday, when the Aquarius Moon will lead us into a karmic cycle where Spirit will be running the show and directing all our movements. Mercury will take a nose dive into Pisces on Saturday, blurring our thoughts and adding confusion and indecision to the mix for the next four weeks. It’s not a great idea to make any decisions or operate with a closed mind during this period, as things are rarely what they seem. The very next day, on Sunday, we’ll be operating under the influence of the second eclipse of the month, a Pisces new Moon/solar ...

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