• Weekly Astrological Forecast for September 18, 2017


    September 18 through September 24, 2017

    Major shifts are on the horizon this week, and with a new Moon and two planets changing signs, it’s the ideal time for new beginnings, fresh starts and a recommitment to becoming our best selves ever! The week starts out on an intense note under a Virgo Moon, making the motto “details, details” take on a new meaning. Venus joins the Sun and Moon in this meticulous sign on Tuesday, where it will spend the next four weeks encouraging us to take action to love ourselves more and initiate healthier habits and boundaries. Wednesday’s new Moon in Libra also adds an insistent air that we reclaim our balance and make a fresh start, so it’s pretty clear there’s a theme going on here, right? The Sun makes it’s annual entry into Libra on Friday, marking the equinox and start of a new season, autumn in the northern hemisphere (harvest time) and spring in the southern half of the globe (rebirth). Wherever you live on the planet, it’s a time of renewal and new focus, so embrace the element of change in the heavens and ...

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