• Weekly Astrological Forecast for April 24, 2017


     April 24 through April 30, 2017

    After a month of what seems like constant change (typical of the Aries Sun!) this week holds a more serene and steady pace. The only thing on the astrological calendar is Wednesday’s new Moon in Taurus, which heralds in a two-week cycle of new beginnings and fresh starts where you can create something beautiful and lasting. Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde however, so expect to weather a few reversals or calls to do things differently this week. Monday and Tuesday’s Aries Moon surrounds us with a positive and hopeful glow, while Wednesday and Thursday’s Taurus Moon reminds us to attend our physical world; comfort and security will be a theme. The Gemini Moon hangs overhead Friday and Saturday, compelling us to spend more time thinking, talking and socializing. Sharing our ideas with others has a way of generating the impetus to attain greater heights, so whether we’re at a party, blogging online or simply chatting with friends by phone, we’ll feel inspired! We can go two ways on Sunday as the Moon drifts through Cancer. You may opt to ...

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