Angel Healing

AngelHealingby Angela Christine

Angels are pure spirits created by God to deliver heavenly messages and to watch over and work with humans. The word “angel” derives from the Greek word “angelos,” which means “messenger.” Angels are found in a variety of world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Brahma Kumaris, Hermetic Qabalah, New Age ideology, and many others. The pervasive belief in angels is overwhelming. Why do so many believe in angels when they may (or may not) doubt the existence of God? Could it be that angels feel more approachable and personable? Perhaps it is because they are the energetic helpers and messengers that lends credence to this possibility. In some faiths, God is depicted as a distant, separate entity. However, angels have always been depicted as walking among us; looking like us.

Do angels really look like humans? This is highly debatable. There are depictions of angels in both word and art where they look nothing like contemporary depictions. It is likely that the forms and presentations of angels have evolved along with us so as to give us peace of mind when working with them. It is their wish to be chosen to help and called on to intercede. Would be so inclined to call upon them for help if they had four animalistic faces and eyes throughout their eight or more wings? Perhaps the modern day human would decline to do so. Most people believe angels are merely energy forms of light and they simply embody whatever is suitable for their work. Some even believe angels come to them in the form of animals.

A popular belief is that each person born on this planet has one or two guardian angels to help them throughout their life. A small pocket of people believe passed loved ones return to help guide and bring messages, and this may be true. However, a passed loved one is more likely to be a spirit guide or merely a helper to his or her ancestral line. Angels are most commonly believed to have never been living as humans and are pure energetic creations of God. That said, there is a small but growing group of people that believe angels can be born on earth to experience things as we do here on this planet and to give “hands on” help to the masses.

Angels live in the image and likeness of God. They are intelligent and joyful because they live in the full love of God. There are some angels whose sole purpose is to sing praises of God and sing of their love and adoration to God, and there are others whose purpose is more earthly; that is, they are here to help us.

The seven most commonly known angels are Archangels. Each Archangel governs or oversees different spheres of activity. They, generally, present with a certain color, symbols, or attributes to make their presence known. The seven popular Archangels are:

Michael (Who is like God) – a protector angel. He helps dispel darkness and helps protect against negative outside forces. One can call upon him to cut etheric ties or cords to negative people and situations in our lives with his flaming sword. The colors most commonly associated with him are bright blues, peacock blues, and indigo. He brandishes a shield as well. He can also be called upon to help one maintain integrity and to follow personal truths without compromising our morals.

Raphael (Healing power of God) – the Archangel of healing. He can be called upon to heal any ailment in any body (plant, animal, or human). Raphael is the most personable of the Archangels. He tends to be amiable and well-liked by angels and humans alike. He can be called upon for aid in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. He also governs traveling, so he is excellent to call upon for a safe journey as well as maintaining excellent physical health while traveling. The colors associated with him are greens and teals.

Gabriel (Strength of God) – the messenger angel. Sometimes Gabriel is depicted as a female. Generally, Gabriel is considered male, however, it does not really matter to angels how you think of their forms; only that you think to call upon them. Apart from Michael, Gabriel is the only other angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament Christian Bible and the Judaic Tora. He governs all forms of communication and is best called upon by writers, orators, public servants, journalists, and also to overcome fears of public speaking and procrastination. When contemplating a major transitive plan, consult with Gabriel. The color generally associated with Gabriel is white.

Uriel (Flame of God/God’s light) – the angel of transitions and change. Uriel is considered to be one of the wisest angels. He can be called upon for any major transition or upheaval in your life. He has one of the subtlest energies and often answers your prayers before you have fully finished speaking them. His areas of expertise are spiritual understanding, prophesy, and problem solving. He is the angel to call upon for help following an earth disaster (such as an earthquake, flood, or tornado). The colors most closely associated with him are deep reds and violets and gold.

Chamuel (He who see(k)’s God) – the angel of love. He is the angel of pure love and can help heal sorrows of the heart. This is love in every aspect; friend, lover, acquaintance, family, etc… If you feel judgmental, bitter, or emotionally closed off, Chamuel is the angel you need to work with to help heal your heart. He can also help with relationships that have begun to get rocky. He also aids in dispelling hopelessness, despair, and depression. The colors associated with Chamuel are pink and green.

Jophiel (Beauty of God) – angel of beauty and art. This is the angel of artists. Naturally, those that work in the professions of interior design, feng shui, landscaping, painting, any art, and even homemakers should call upon him to help with inspiration. He helps us see the beauty in all things, including each other. Jophiel asks us to slow down and enjoy the scene. The colors most associated with Jophiel is bright sunshine yellow and gold.

Raguel (Friend of God) – angel of justice. He oversees all the other angels and is known to deliver justice and fairness. He can be called upon for the underdog in any situation. He aids in empowerment and respect as well as cooperation that leads to harmony. His colors are pale blue, white, and mother-of-pearl.

It is very easy to call upon angels at any time for energetic aid and healing. They are willing and eager to help. Practice inviting them into your space while meditating or prayer. Notice which colors, scents, or sensations you get when you open yourself to their help and see which one(s) most frequently step forward. This will help you know which area(s) of your life need help. Perhaps next time, we can discuss the lesser known Archangels. For now, get to know the popular ones and see how many blockages are removed from your life. May angels walk with you always!

Angela is an ordained minister (high priestess) through Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary of Wicca in Clearlake, CA. She has been reading auras and chakras for 21 years. Angela is also a credentialed Spiritual Wellness Advisor through Universal Class and has a Bachelor’s in English and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies. Visit for more information.