Amazing Story Contest for the Week of August 12, 2013

[title size=”2″]Carving Out New Connections[/title]

by Angela

This story takes place several years ago, when I was going through a stagnant, low point in my life. Nothing had been going smoothly in my career or my personal relationships for an extended period of time. One day during this depressing time, I was approached by a stranger in the school yard while I waited for my son in the rain. I like your rain coat, she said with a smile. My coral orange trench coat really must have stood out on such a gloomy day. I thanked her and then shyly turned away.

I tried not to show it, but I was taken by her bravery. We live in a large city, and I don’t think I have ever felt comfortable approaching a stranger unless I needed something like the time or directions. I admired her confidence and decided to mirror her. I turned back and a sparkling, friendly conversation of small talk ensued. That encounter lifted my vibration for the rest of the afternoon. I wondered about this nice lady, who she was, where she lived and what she did for work. It occurred to me that although we live in the same neighborhood and our children attended the same school, we had never seen each other before.

Suddenly, my dull, gray, quiet world started to expand. It was refreshing to think that out of nowhere, a new connection could be made, and then with each new connection, the spark of potential for countless other connections entered the realm of possibility! With that frame of mind, over the course of the following week, I put on a brave face and looked for new connections everywhere. I made eye contact and engaged in friendly chatter with all of the people I seemingly forgot to notice on my daily beat: the bank teller, the lady at the supermarket checkout, the older gentleman who pumped my gas. Suddenly, I noticed all these people around me, all of these sparks of potential, and life started to feel like it was moving in forward motion again. Slowly but surely, I felt myself being released from the funk I had been in, and I felt a lot less lonely in our big, anonymous city.

A few weeks later, I saw the same friendly stranger again in the schoolyard, waiting for her daughter. Still feeling shy, I gathered my bright new attitude around me and I approached her and said hello. I wondered if she would she remember me without the colorful rain coat. She did indeed, and another lovely conversation ensued. I learned her name was Celia, and our children were in different classes but the same grade. I handed her my business card and invited her to contact me. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee before we pick up our children one afternoon? I thought it would be nice to solidify a new friendship and share with her how her simple compliment touched my life and expanded my horizons. She graciously accepted, and a plan was made for later in the week. You would think this was the end of my sweet story, but it’s actually just the beginning. I had no idea what was in store for me during that coffee date, but I now have no doubt that this was all divinely inspired!

We met two days later at a nearby diner. I arrived first and selected a table with a good view of the door so she would see me. Celia arrived, and a wonderful time together ensued. We learned that we lived only blocks from each other and had a great deal in common: we both studied metaphysics, had had very profound spiritual experiences, spoke Italian fluently, and loved cooking. We spent a delightful hour discovering a new friendship. Why had I stopped making new friends? I wondered. Why had I stopped letting new people into my life? Why was my guard always up?

For the first time in a long time, I felt a warm kinship developing, and it felt good. As we prepared to leave, Celia invited me to a Reiki Healing Circle that a friend of hers was hosting that very evening. She explained that it was a circle of women who met once a month for guided meditation, group sharing, and a hands-on Reiki healing given by the Reiki Master and group leader, a woman named Margaret. I was intrigued and a little overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure if this was the right venue for me. I felt the old familiar guard go up, and wondered how I would get a baby sitter for the evening at the last minute.

Just then, the waitress brought our check, and I looked down to notice that on the table a faint, time-worn heart had been carved into the wood with a small instrument like an inkless ballpoint pen. The heart contained three initials written like this: A+C+M. Look! I showed Celia. We both sat and stared in surprise, for there were our initials! In a fit of giggles that turned to tears, I said unhesitatingly: Yes! Yes, I will come tonight. That wasn’t just a nudge from spirit; that was a marching band with neon lights!

That evening opened the most wonderful door for me. I met so many beautiful, kindred spirits, and the group leader, Margaret, has become one of my dearest friends and strongest mentors. I have since begun my Reiki studies and have been attuned to Level One. Learning this energy healing art has helped pave the way for a smoother, more peaceful emotional experience; I now feel I can deal with whatever life throws my way. It has also helped me bless and cleanse my home and everything I bring into it. I am a decorative painter and use this practice in business. Reiki has helped me cleanse the spaces I paint and clear the walls of any negativity that may be lurking in a client’s home. I even use Reiki when I am cooking to spiritually bless and nourish our food.

What profound magic can happen if we are brave enough to let it in! This experience really taught me to have courage in opening myself to new possibilities. Spirit is always guiding us to higher experiences. Sharing this story is a great reminder to me that we are never done growing. Whenever I am feeling stuck or down, I can identify a few areas in my life where I am closing up emotionally or energetically, and now I can remember what I learned and shake myself out of it. Remaining open is the single most powerful thing we can do for ourselves. No matter how small they may seem, new connections are wonderful gifts that life is waiting to give you!

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